CNC machining robort parts

发表时间:2019-04-10 16:19

According to the traditional way of manual operation, each a CNC lathe to one operation, processing cycle is long, human waste is more big, space occupied large equipment, through the adoption of truss robot, blanking, operators need to put the material in the bin, a general can be processed with one to two hours, so, a person can look after five to ten sets of machine;For complicated parts that require multiple working procedures, they can be made into production lines. An installation and change platform is added between the two lathes. The manipulator will complete all the working procedures step by step according to the technological process.Can also be sent to designated areas through the conveyor belt for quality inspection, packaging.And it can reduce the space occupied by equipment through reasonable layout.Therefore, the application of truss robot is of great significance to improve the technology of nc machining.

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