Five-axis machining parts

发表时间:2019-01-03 16:20

Five-axis machining center is often used in high-end manufacturing as intelligent machining equipment with high degree of automation.The five-axis machining center is suitable for machining parts of the body of free-form surface, turbine parts and impeller of aircraft and ships.We can find that the workpiece suitable for the five-axis machining center processing has a high degree of surface, through a clamping difficult to process the characteristics of forming, so the five-axis machine tool can not change the position of the workpiece on the machine tool, the different sides of the workpiece processing, greatly improve the processing efficiency of prismatic parts.

The five-axis machining center has three moving axes of X, Y, Z and any two rotating axes. Compared with the traditional three-axis machining center, the five-axis linkage technology of five-axis machining center can locate and operate the cutter in five degrees of freedom when machining the workpiece with complex geometry.

Many friends in the cognition of five axis machining center there is a misunderstanding, that five axis machining center is on the basis of three axis machining center, add 2 axis of rotation.The two rotating axes first fix the cutting tool in an inclined position, and then move and process it by the feed axes X, Y and Z.This machining mode is actually due to the fact that the fourth and fifth axes are used to determine the direction of the tool in a fixed position, rather than running continuously during the machining process.Therefore, this is not the real five-axis linkage technology, 3+2 axis machining center can meet the ordinary machining center can not complete the processing operation, but this is not the real five-axis machining center.

The real five-axis machining center has a tool point following function, which can ensure the cutting point of the tool and the surface of the part contact without changing any parameters, and avoid causing cutting sinkhole.The cutter direction can be optimized during the whole path motion, and the cutter can move in a straight line at the same time.In this way, the optimal cutting condition can be maintained throughout the path.

The five-axis machining center is a very effective equipment for processing heteroplanes, boxes and complex cavities.It has a decisive influence on a country's aerospace, military research, precision instruments, automotive equipment, high-precision medical equipment and other fields.

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